Ronin Trip to Puerto Rico

Upon arriving at the San Juan Airport, I was pick up by my brother Hanshi Miguel Montalvo from Yamabushi Goju Ryu. We stop at a nice restaurant and I tasted the best Churrasco (skirt steak). The next day, I taught the class at his dojo in San Sebastián. This dojo has been open since 1974. We had produced so many amazing black belt instructors, competitors and all around great human beings.

Last week I spent a week (April 25-May 3, 2017) in my the “Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico”, specifically My hometown of San Sebastian del Pepino. This trip had the purpose of participating of the Showdown Championships of Kyoshi Omayra Roman. Before this event I had the opportunity of meeting and testing Ronin Goju Ryu Kai members Renshi Guillermo Medina to Godan (5th Degree) and Renshi Pedro Lopez to Yondan (4th Degree) at Lopez dojo in the city of Coamo. It was a great pleasure to meet the students and parents and chat with all of them. Also had the opportunity of meeting other styles guests black belts.

I also visited the dojo of Ronin members Renshi Mytzi Gaston and Sensei Luis Rodriguez in Barceloneta, PR. I taught the kids and adults classes. We had a blast, the students and their parents were awesome as you can see by this pictures. After I was treated by a nice dinner at the Metropol.

From Barceloneta we went to the Showdown Championships of Kyoshi Omayra Roman in Aguas Buenas. I went with my brother and some of our black belts. It was a very bad raining day through all the curve roads and mountains. Upon arriving we were greeted by old martialartscompany friends and some of our Ronin masters members. The tournament was a huge success even though two other tournaments were taking place in the island. One of the highlight of the day fir me was the promotion to Hachidan (8th Degree) of one of the best traditional kata champion and amazing instructor Dr. Hector Sotomayor. We also welcome new International Ronin members from Panama, Dominican Republic and PR. I was honored by receiving a proclamation from the Aguas Buenas City Mayor. We renewed Kyoshi Roman’s Ronin membership along with Hanshi Vicente Guzman’s.

Upon returning from Aguas Buenas I met with amazing business professionals in Guaynabo and a new corporation was created “Security Global Training Center” (SGT Center). We expecting great things to come out of SGT Center.

At my return to San Sebasti├ín I was invited by our former student Kyoshi Carlos Lebron and his staff of instructors and also former students Kyoshi Jose Perez and “Los Gemelos” Shihan Rosa along with other black belts invited me to their dojo. I had a wonderful time and appreciated all their attentions and friendship. After a meeting Ronin Brotherhood LLC accepted and welcomed the Yosen Rai Organization under International Ronin Martial Arts Federation. Bienvenidos. Ronin recognized there MA ranks and accomplishments in the competition circuit.

Yosen Rai Goju Ryu and his Founder Kyoshi Carlos Lebron presented me with a beautiful plaque from 2015 Yosen Ray Tournament.

I spent time with Ronin member Kyoshi Freddy Adames at his “Evolution Gym” While at at Molly’s restaurant I Had a very interesting conversation with Sipok Robert Garcia (5th Tuan Master) from the Shaolin Tsu Chiang school in SanSebastian and due to his own initiative and with the blessing of his instructor Grand Master Julio Mendez, I was invited to talk in front of his students and other instructors the day of my departure. To me it was an honor and pleasure to do so. I was surprised when other masters such as Neco Mendez and Ivan Rodriguez showed up. However my friend and World Champion in Fighting who also became a Champion in China, GM Jose Perfume surprised me visiting the dojo as well. To me Jose is the best Puertorican fighter ever. Sipok Garcia presented me with an amazing plaque. What a trip. By the way I lost 8 pounds in 7 days.

We also welcome into our Ronin Brotherhood Kyoshi Diana Martinez from Okinawa Kempo.

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