Carlos Montalvo is an accomplished martial artist with over 45 years of experience with black belts ranks in Kenpo (Okinawan & Hawaian),Krav Maga and Goju Ryu. He is the founder of Ronin Brotherhood LLC martial arts groups with over a 1,000 black belts from 28 countries.

“I decided to design our own Karate Uniform.”

As an experienced competitor and 5x World Champion with 392 black belt championship tournaments placing in 372 of them for more than 4 decades.

This Ronin Brotherhood brand 14 oz Heavy Weight “Executive” Karate GI is the culmination of first hand experience in Kumite, Kata and Kobudo.

It has double and triple stitched seams all throughout, rugged construction with long and easy waist drawstrings.

3/4 length sleeves, great pants with flexible in seam
for kicking and exercising as well.

“I strongly believe in this product that I have stamped
with my signature and Japanese Hanko.”

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